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Greetings Lacrosse families and coaches!  My name is Mark Howard and I am excited to be coaching this summer for Milwaukee Select U13 boys’ team.  I wanted to take a brief moment to give the top reasons to consider this team this summer.  

  1. I am an experienced coach and trainer, and I know what it takes to compete and be successful at the highest level in high school lacrosse.Click here for more, and scroll down to my name:http://www.uslacrosse.org/participants/coaches/coaching-education-program/national-trainers.aspx

  2. Milwaukee Select U13 team will respect your time.Your son/player can experience higher level play and coaching, but also have plenty of time for summer!

  3. Milwaukee Select U13 team will be reasonably priced.I am coaching this team because I love the game of lacrosse and desire to teach it to others.

  4. Your boys will learn not only the skills they need, but the tactics as well.My goal as a coach is to teach kids the ability to think for themselves and make decisions on the field.Referred to as “LAX IQ,” it’s the ability to see what is happening on the field, and what will happen before it happens!

  5. At least two great tournaments, starting with the US Lacrosse Central Championships!

Please consider coming to the tryout for this U13 team on June 1st.  Please refer to www.hot4lax.com for more information.

*U13 means current 6th and 7th grade boys, or born on or after 09-01-2000.