Open Positions in BLA

Director - Boys Youth Program


The role of the Youth Boys Director is to ensure the best possible experience for the players, coaches and parents in the program. The Director of Youth Boys Lacrosse will serve as a liaison between parents and MAYLA and will ensure that the sport is held in good standing through a climate of fairness and good sportsmanship. The Director will attend board meetings and develop and implement an operational plan and balanced budget.  The Director will work with the Director of Field Operations regarding fields and equipment for indoor and outdoor activities.

General Responsibilities:

  • Work with other BLA Board members to develop the BLA Goals for the upcoming years
  • Establish operational plan based on goals of the organization
  • Develop and maintain a program level balanced budget
  • Coordinate and recruit coaching volunteers
    • Actively pursue and schedule training for all coaches
    • Complete and communicate coaching expectations
  • Plan and recruit volunteers for team management, games, fundraising, uniforms, event planning and other needed assignments
  • Work with game day volunteer coordinator to ensure games are staffed with time keepers, score keeper and culture keeper
  • Work with fundraising volunteers to plan and execute fundraising events/programs that support the operational plan and budget for the year.
  • Work with the uniform volunteers to order and distribute uniforms for the teams
  • Liaison with Field Director and Coaching Director to ensure that the Boys Program has fields, equipment and coaches necessary.
  • Review & update, if necessary the website details for the program each season.
  • Shop for best uniform vendor and contract for the season
  • Schedule practices for all levels (Indoor and outdoor)
  • Schedule Parent Information Night before the season begins
  • Communicate with players and parents via e-mail, phone calls, website
  • Work with MAYLA on game scheduling
  • Coordinate “Try it for Free” activities before season begins
  • Plan and work on a schedule for inclement weather and make up games before the season


Time Commitment:

  • 6 hours per week during primary season (February – June)
  • 6 hours per month outside of primary season
  • This position my be shared by 2 individuals


Term:  2 years

Interested applicants should email  Kim Prudlow at:


Equipment/Field Supervisor



This position will pay a fixed amount of $1,200 for a period of about 10 weeks from early April to mid-June, averaging approximately 6 hours of work a week with the support of Program Volunteers. 



  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to commit approximately 6 hours per week to fulfil duties from early April to mid June
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to lift 40 pounds
  • Strong organizational skills


Duties will include:

Season Preparation (early April)

  • Transport of equipment from Storage Facility to point of use for season
  • Supervise and meet vendor at site for the delivery of PODS and Port a Pots at their respective locations
  • With the support of program volunteers organized with Program Directors  - Facilitate:
    • The initial loading of PODS from storage facility
    • The initial lining of each field
    • Assess the general condition of each field and report to BLAX Board

In Season (mid-April to mid-June)

  • Tend to the needs of each field
  • Supervise volunteers for the weekly re-lining of each field
  • Assess the general condition of each field and report to BLAX Board

Season Finalization (mid-June)

  • With the support of program volunteers organized with Program Directors - Facilitate:
    • Emptying of PODS and return to Storage Facility
    • Return of Coaches Bag to Storage Facility
  • Organize the pickup of PODS and Port a Pots
  • Inventory and report items moved back to storage


Interested applicants should email  Kim Prudlow at: